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Custom Business Ideas Based on You

We supercharge your ideation process with a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs and goals. First, our platform gathers specific data about you, including your interests, skills, and background. Then it uses AI-powered algorithms to analyze the data and generate a list of potential business ideas for you. You then collaborate with our AI by providing quick feedback that it uses to iterate on your ideas.

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A.I. Powered Business Plan Software
Create a Detailed Business Plan in Minutes

Create and export detailed .docx format business plans. Use our A.I. to generate the plan, tweak it as you go, and build confidence in your next venture. Includes automated financial projections based on your goals, the idea, the market you'll operate within and more! Download a sample plan here (pdf).

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AI Auto-Research with multiple steps and detailed reports
Automated Analysis with AI Auto-Research

Market research and Competitive Analysis can be overwhelming. Automate away the hours of searching and confusion with our AI Auto-Research feature. This powerful tool performs over 80 research, data-gathering, and analysis steps. We leverage real-world data rather than AI "hallucinations", giving you the rock-solid intelligence you need for success. Check out a 5-min demo video here, and download an example competitive analysis report here (pdf).

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Collaborate with AI to Iterate on Ideas

Our A.I. Large Language Model adapts based on your feedback in real-time, giving you fresh ideas at the click of a button. You can tell it what you like, dislike and even generate variations of ideas that you want to explore.

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Save Time and Get Creative with AI Autofill

To plan a successful business you need lots of detail about how it will work, the market, customers, etc. Use our knowledgable A.I. Autofill feature to auto-generate these key business details. Then you can adjust them to bring your "founder touch" to each idea.

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Powerful Ranking and Grading Tools

Our AI can provide you with hundreds or even thousands of custom business ideas for you to consider. Once you have a list of options, use the built-in ranking and grading framework to filter them down to your Top-5 best fit ideas. Our AI grades ideas based on the founder-idea fit, considering market dynamics, your personal goals, and much more.

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Multiple Workspaces
Expand your Options with Multiple Workspaces

Create multiple custom workspaces tailored to unique aspects of who you are and types of businesses you're considering. For example, you can explore "moonshot" ideas in one workspace, while tracking your "side-hustle" ideas in another. Each workspace allows you to customize your profile, create distinct business ideas, and separately research markets and competitors.

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Multi-User collaboration with invites and multiple roles
Collaborate with Advisors and Co-Founders

Invite commenters and editors into your workspace to get advice, feedback, and help turning your business dreams into reality. You control their role and if they can see your profile.

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