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The launchpad for your
entrepreneurial dreams

The launchpad for your
entrepreneurial dreams

Your path to success starts here – get personalized business ideas, automated research, and a detailed business plan, all from powerful AI trained for your success.

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A.I. Powered

Built-in is a smart ChatGPT-4 powered toolkit with filtering and scoring frameworks so you can get help understanding the
business landscape.

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100% You

CompanyCraft starts with you; your profile will unlock hundreds of winning ideas unique to you.

Complete your profile
in 15 minutes.
Ideas crafted for your
Automate your market research and business plan creation.
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Proven Ideas

Business best-practices and strategic thinking integrated throughout the entire platform to set you up for success.

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Complete R&D

Tailored research, idea prioritization, and detailed business plans, based on your market, interests, and skills.

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Expert Insights

Based on proven strategies from Y Combinator, seasoned executive coaches, VC investors, and other business experts.

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Hear from entrepreneurs like you

This is an invaluable tool for new entrepreneurs. Pairing the diligence and process of experienced founders with the power of AI is a cheat code for founders! This is the business accelerant that every founder needs.

Jeff Burchett
Multi-time Founder, Revenue Leader

“CompanyCraft is a fantastic use of AI for brainstorming you next big thing. If you want to be an entrepreneur, but not sure where to start, then start at CompanyCraft.”

Benjamin Ertischek
Founder, CEO of multiple startups

When I first heard about CompanyCraft I was skeptical, but now I'm impressed! It provides me with fresh and innovative ideas, and helps me evaluate them based on feasibility and potential impact.

Darin Stoddard
Entrepreneur, Sales Executive

I struggled to pick the right choice for my new business. CompanyCraft helped me clear my head and pinpoint the right opportunity for me. 100% recommended!

Will Breen
Entrepreneur, Founder of ZippyECommerce

“I couldn't find a good resource for custom business ideas until I used CompanyCraft. It's amazing how the ideas align with my strengths and hobbies!”

Joel Mulkey
Founder and CEO of Bigleaf Networks
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Customized business
guidance to fuel your success
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Business ideas tailored specifically for you
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Brainstorming help with your A.I. smart partner
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Judge the scale and effort required to succeed

“We work with bigger agencies love degree  personalization and individual haveing system”

David Henricks
More About Our Personalization
A.I. Powered Business Plan Software
Start your journey with confidence
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Built for first-time founders or business veterans
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Skip the worry with a detailed business plan
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Clear steps to get you on a path to launch and profit
Learn About How We Get You From A to Z

Your next craft could
make and help millions

A thriving business starts with your idea - make it as unique as you are with tailored business plans and expert guidance to put you on the right path to success.

100% Personalized

Create a company that's as unique as you are, with tailored guidance backed by AI.

Research & Filter

Take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship with expert guidance and custom solutions.

Blueprint for launch

Collaborate with AI to generate a custom business plan to prepare you for a successful launch

Access a network of your imagination

Using A.I., you can set yourself up for success on day one with vetted business connections and coaching personalized to you.

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Free Training - Learn How You Can Go from ​Fuzzy Ideas to a Fully Formed Plan​ in an Afternoon

During This FREE Training We'll Reveal the #1 Way for entrepreneurs like you to avoid early stage frustration and get "unstuck" during the business building process in an afternoon; saving you weeks or months of valuable time.

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