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Meet our founder

Joel Mulkey

Welcome to CompanyCraft!

I started my prior company, Bigleaf Networks, as an evenings-and-weekends project back in 2012. With the help of 2 co-founders and many great team members who joined along the way, we accomplished huge milestones during my time as CEO!

  • Created a premium brand in our channels, known for amazing support, ease of use, and technical excellence
  • Acquired over 2000 B2B customers through channel sales and achieved 115% net retention
  • Grew from 0-100 employees
  • Raised $28MM in angel, VC, growth-equity, and strategic investment capital
  • Built a culture that respected and valued our team members (employees) and fostered healthy growth in their lives
  • Developed patented SD-WAN network technology

In the fall of 2022 I stepped away from my CEO role there to focus on my next adventure. Over the months following, I realized I could build CompanyCraft to serve founders like you and me.

With the recent advances in AI and the changes happening in society and our economy, we're going to see a new wave of businesses built in the coming years. I want to do my part to:

  • See AI used for good - making the lives of founders, employees, customers, and other parties better. AI gives its users (us) the power to do harmful things at greater scale and speed, but it also has the power to help us create great businesses and bring value to many business needs.
  • See businesses created for good. Yes, businesses exist to make money, but that should be a willing exchange in payment for benefits received. With the right motivations and methods we can take the good aspects of capitalism (profit motive) and combine them with love for people, to build businesses that improve the lives of others. I want to encourage and help founders, especially those who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

I look forward to serving you on you entrepreneurship journey!

Not Your Average A.I. Startup

We started CompanyCraft to ensure that A.I. helps entrepreneurs succeed. We know that A.I. has the potential to displace jobs and change industries. However we know that it also can empower millions of new entrepreneurs who would otherwise not have access to the resources needed to get their businesses started successfully. We work to take that helpful path with A.I. We love seeing entrepreneurs start businesses that benefit themselves plus their customers, partners, investors, and others.

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With personalized details about our users, we can help them eliminate guesswork and increase their likelihood of business success.

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We're learning and adapting with our users. Every idea and suggestion is filtered and you have the option to provide us direct feedback.

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All of our data is secured with industry-standard best practices and SSL/TLS connection encryption.

Meet our leadership team

Helping 1 million entrepreneurs start successful businesses that improve people's lives.

Andrew Power
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Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust
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Mark Jio
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Gamio Bacs
Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust

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